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Domestic and Business

No matter the size of the job, Kingdom Arborists can help! We are able to undertake all aspects of tree care for both domestic and business customers. 

What we can offer

The following is not an exhaustive list of the services we're able to provide. If you'd like to request a tree related service not mentioned below please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

Tree Removal

Tree removal might be required for a number of reasons. Sometimes a dying or dead tree can pose a risk to people or property and need to be removed for safely, or removal might be recommended to reduce overcrowding and to ensure proper growth of the remaining trees. Whatever the reason, Kingdom Arborists can help. 

Tree Planting

Tree planting could be required for a number of reasons - you might want to improve the aesthetics of your garden or want to do your bit for the environment and biodiversity in your area. Whatever the reason, Kingdom Arborists can advise on the best trees to plant, and do the hard work to get your new trees in the ground!

Tree Surgery

Kingdom Arborists can support with all aspects of tree surgery, including:

Crown reduction

Crown reduction is a process that involves reducing the size of a tree’s overall canopy. This can be achieved by pruning its branches evenly throughout the entire crown. Any broken or dangerous deadwood is removed and crossing branches are pruned. This minimises any chance of infections within the tree in the future.

Crown lifting

Crown lifting is a process encompassing the removal of branches from lower parts of the trees crown. This lifts the overall height and allows more light to penetrate through the branches and reach the lower crown.

Tree Pollarding

Pollarding is traditionally a woodland management method. However, recently it has become one of the processes involved in arboriculture. This practice involves the removal of all branches and limbs, meaning that only the trunk and major limb frameworks are left. This allows the tree to re-grow and look much more attended to.


As a tree grows, some branches tend to die back naturally. This is why trees should be regularly expected and maintained. Deadwooding is a process undertaking to ensure safety, especially in public areas.

Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming is often more difficult than it looks, which is why many people opt for professional hedge trimming services. If left neglected, or the hedge is cut back too heavily, you could be left with a bare and unattractive hedge line. Kingdom Arborists can carry out professional hedge trims to give you a high quality finish.

Stump Removal

It can be next to impossible to remove a tree or hedge stump without professional help. Kingdom Arborists can use their specialist equipment to fully remove stumps. 

Expert Advice

Kingdom Arborists can use their years of experience to provide expert advice for all aspects of tree care and maintenance. 

They can also provide tree inspections and support with any tree related planning applications to give you the best chance of success

Logs and Woodchip

Whether you need wood processing into logs or woodchip, or would like to buy logs or woodchip, Kingdom Arborists can help. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements. 

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